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Experienced Concrete Contractor for all commercial and residential concrete works. Expert in installing, repairing, and maintaining concrete structures to complete various projects within projected periods and budgets. No Job is Too Big or Too Small!  Our contractors work with home owners, business owners, home builders, residential developers, architects, engineers, general contractors, landscape companies and municipalities. 

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Reliable & professional concrete contractors you can count on for all types of concrete works. Complete concrete project management for residential and commercial concrete projects.

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Active Concrete Works is a dependable and professional concrete contractor and surrounding areas, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality concrete services for residential and commercial projects. We prioritize personalization, customer satisfaction, and long-lasting results to set ourselves apart in the industry.We are committed to providing world-class service and improving the communities we serve. It is our pleasure to provide high quality work and a seamless experience for our customers.

Please contact us today to discuss your upcoming concrete project and experience the difference our expertise can bring to your construction journey.

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Top-Notch solutions for all Residential and Commercial Concrete Works

Whatever the project size for concrete works. our team of dedicated concrete contractors have extensive experience working on countless projects and have the skills necessary to turn your vision into reality. Give us a call to discuss your needs with our friendly staff or to request a FREE NO OBLIGATION ESTIMATE.

Whether you need a new driveway, want to enhance your property with an attractive walkway or patio, or have a commercial project, we’re ready to help.

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Concrete Contractor for New, Repair and Pouring Works

Our professional concrete contractor knowledge and experience to choose the best repair method based on the specific situation.  Searching concrete contractor near me who knows our local building codes, regulations, and permitting requirements. We always want to ensures that your project complies with all local laws and ordinances.  This is the dvantages to use our concerte contractors when you’re planning a concrete construction or repair project. Experienced in completing commercial or residential projects within time frame and budgets are our business policy. 

New Driveway, Repair and Replacement

If you’re debating between repairing or replacing your concrete driveway, consider these points: evaluate the extent of damage – minor fixes might be sufficient for small cracks or discoloration. However, significant damage or sinking often calls for replacement. The driveway’s age matters too, as a well-maintained one can last up to 30 years. If repair costs approach half the price of a new driveway, replacement is usually more cost-effective. For an updated look, a new driveway allows you to choose a fresh style or finish. Repair methods include filling cracks, patching, and resurfacing, while replacement involves removal and new installation.


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Concrete Work Projects From our Contractors

Project 1

Expand width of the driveway by 4 feet and lenght for about two cars. 2612 dixie wood

Project 2

replace an 8×30 ft concrete slab for our barn. Slab was poured incorrectly and needs to be replaced.

Project 3

I have a driveway I want poured, pathway, and patio. 

Project 4

replace a 30×30 concrete slab and I need an estimate for replacing the slab plus extending the driveway.

Project 5

I’d like to get 200 sq ft of stamped concrete at my house, please.