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Customized Concrete Solutions

Every project is unique, and we believe in providing customized concrete solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. From decorative concrete finishes to advanced reinforcing techniques, we work closely with our clients to develop the perfect solution for their requirements. Using high-quality materials is essential for a flawless finish. Our residential concrete contractors as well as commercial conceret contractors always ensures concrete mix is appropriate for the project, and that all materials meet or exceed industry standards. We are specialized in all types of concrete work, including the construction of foundations, floors, walls, driveway , sidewalks, and other concrete structures.

Concrete works for demolition projects

Concrete works for demolition projects involve the process of breaking down and removing concrete structures, such as buildings, bridges, or roadways. This can be a complex and challenging task, requiring specialized equipment, skilled workers, and careful planning to ensure safety and efficiency. Key steps in concrete demolition works include:


Assessing the structure: Before beginning demolition, a thorough assessment of the structure is necessary to determine the most effective and safe method for demolition. This involves evaluating the structural integrity, material composition, and potential hazards, such as the presence of asbestos, lead, or other hazardous materials.

Obtaining permits: Demolition works typically require permits from local authorities to ensure compliance with safety regulations and environmental guidelines. Contractors must also develop a detailed demolition plan, outlining the methods, equipment, and safety measures to be used during the process.

Preparing the site: Prior to demolition, the site must be prepared by removing any hazardous materials, disconnecting utilities, and securing the area with fencing or barriers to prevent unauthorized access. Neighboring properties may need protection from dust, debris, and noise during the demolition process.

Selecting the appropriate method: Several methods can be used for concrete demolition, including:

a. Hydraulic breakers: Heavy-duty equipment that uses hydraulic pressure to break up concrete. This method is suitable for smaller-scale projects and selective demolition.

b. Concrete sawing: Cutting concrete into manageable pieces using diamond-impregnated saw blades. This method allows for precise and controlled demolition.

c. Explosives: For large-scale demolition projects, explosives can be used to strategically weaken and collapse the structure. This method requires careful planning and expertise to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Demolition process: The chosen method is implemented, and the concrete structure is gradually broken down into smaller pieces. Workers must follow strict safety protocols and continuously monitor the site for any potential hazards or structural instability.

Debris removal: As the concrete is broken down, the debris must be removed from the site using heavy equipment, such as excavators, loaders, and dump trucks. The debris should be transported to an appropriate recycling or disposal facility.

Recycling and disposal: Concrete debris can often be recycled and repurposed for use in new construction projects, such as aggregate for new concrete or as a base material for roadways. Any non-recyclable debris must be disposed of according to local regulations and environmental guidelines.

Site restoration: After the demolition and debris removal are complete, the site may need to be graded, filled, or otherwise restored to its desired condition for future use or development.

Concrete demolition works are complex and require careful planning, skilled workers, and specialized equipment to ensure a safe and efficient process. Contractors must adhere to local regulations and environmental guidelines to minimize the impact on the surrounding community and environment.

Driveway and Apron Demolition: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction: Demolishing old driveway aprons and driveways is often the first step in a renovation project. This process involves the removal of existing materials, preparing the area for new construction, and disposing of waste. In this blog, we will discuss the necessary steps for successful driveway and apron demolition, tips for a smooth process, and considerations for waste disposal.

  1. Preparation for Driveway and Apron Demolition:
  • Obtain necessary permits: Check local regulations and obtain required permits before starting demolition work.
  • Mark utility lines: Contact local utility companies to identify and mark gas, water, and electrical lines.
  • Notify neighbors: Inform neighbors about the demolition project, schedule, and expected noise levels.
  1. Demolition Equipment and Techniques:
  • Hand tools: For smaller projects, tools like sledgehammers, pry bars, and shovels may suffice.
  • Power tools: Electric jackhammers, concrete saws, and skid steer loaders can speed up the demolition process.
  • Heavy machinery: For large-scale projects, excavators, backhoes, and bobcats may be necessary.
  1. Steps for Driveway and Apron Demolition:
  • Break up the surface: Use appropriate tools or machinery to break up the driveway and apron into manageable pieces.
  • Remove debris: Clear the broken material from the area, using equipment like skid steer loaders or manual labor.
  • Excavate subgrade: Dig out the existing subgrade material to the required depth, according to the specifications of the new driveway and apron installation.
  1. Tips for a Smooth Demolition Process:
  • Safety first: Wear proper safety gear, including gloves, safety glasses, and steel-toed boots, and exercise caution around heavy machinery.
  • Plan the disposal: Identify local waste disposal sites and arrange for transportation of the debris.
  • Minimize dust: Use water to dampen the area during demolition, reducing dust and airborne particles.
  1. Waste Disposal Considerations:
  • Recycling: Consider recycling concrete and asphalt debris, as these materials can be crushed and reused in other construction projects.
  • Landfill: Dispose of non-recyclable waste at a local landfill, following local regulations and guidelines.
  • Hazardous waste: Be aware of hazardous materials, such as asbestos or lead paint, and follow proper disposal procedures.

Conclusion: Demolishing driveway aprons and driveways is an essential step in renovating these areas. By following the proper steps, using appropriate tools and equipment, and taking safety precautions, the demolition process can be smooth and efficient. Finally, always consider environmentally friendly waste disposal methods, such as recycling or reusing materials whenever possible.

Commercial Concrete Services

From office buildings and shopping centers to parking lots and warehouses, our commercial concrete services cater to various industries. Our skilled team is well-equipped to handle large-scale projects while adhering to strict deadlines and maintaining the highest quality standards. Commercial concrete works are larger-scale and complex projects requiring specialized skills and equipment. Our commerial concrete contractor ensure use of recycled materials or low-emission concrete mixes, as many modern commercial projects often ask for the consideration of sustainability factors.

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Active Concrete Works is a dependable and professional concrete contractor and surrounding areas, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality concrete services for residential and commercial projects. We prioritize personalization, customer satisfaction, and long-lasting results to set ourselves apart in the industry.We are committed to providing world-class service and improving the communities we serve. It is our pleasure to provide high quality work and a seamless experience for our customers.

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Concrete Works Demolition Services

When it’s time to remodel, rebuild, or simply remove a structure that’s outlived its usefulness, trust the expertise of Concrete Works for all your demolition needs. We have extensive experience in handling a variety of demolition projects, ensuring that every job is completed safely, efficiently, and with utmost precision. Our team is trained, equipped, and ready to assist in tearing down structures, while preserving the surrounding environment.

Demolition of Various Residential Properties

Are you a developer looking to clear a lot for a new construction project? Or perhaps a homeowner aiming to upgrade to your dream home? We’ve got you covered. Whether it’s a single dwelling or an entire estate, we manage all scales of residential demolition with unparalleled expertise.

Burned/Damaged Dwellings

After a fire or natural disaster, properties might be left structurally unsound. These can be hazardous and usually require professional intervention. We specialize in tearing down burned or damaged dwellings, ensuring all safety protocols are adhered to, and leaving the site ready for a fresh start.

Obsolete Homes

Some homes, due to their age or design, may no longer meet the requirements of modern living or current safety standards. Concrete Works is your partner in responsibly tearing down and removing such structures, prepping the ground for whatever plans you have in store.

Driveways and Garages

Outdated driveways or garages can detract from the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a property. Our services encompass the demolition and removal of concrete, brick, or asphalt driveways and garages, making way for new installations or landscaping projects.


Whether you’re looking to replace an old pool, reclaim yard space, or have other plans for your backyard, our team is adept at demolishing and filling in swimming pools of all shapes and sizes.

Why Choose Concrete Works Demolition Services?

  • Safety First: Our team is trained in the latest safety protocols, ensuring all projects are completed without incident.

  • Environmentally Friendly: We prioritize recycling and responsible disposal, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

  • Precision Work: Our experienced crew ensures that only the designated structures are demolished, leaving the surroundings untouched.

  • Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees or surprises. We provide clear and competitive quotes before commencing work.

Ready to make way for the new? Contact Concrete Works today for a free consultation and quotation. Let us help you turn over a new leaf by safely removing the old. Place your order with confidence, knowing you’re in the hands of experts.

Hiring a demolition company

Our reputation, built on years of experience, ensures that when you engage with us, you’re not just hiring a demolition company, but partnering with industry leaders who prioritize professionalism, transparency, and responsibility.

Bonded and Insured

Your property and projects are in safe hands. Our company is fully bonded and insured, giving you the peace of mind you need when embarking on significant demolition projects.

Decades of Experience

Our longstanding presence in the industry is a testament to our proficiency. The trust placed in us by countless clients over the years is an endorsement of our reliability and high-quality service.

Competitive Pricing with Transparent Estimates

We believe in offering fair prices without compromising quality. Our team of dedicated estimators work diligently to provide you with the most competitive and environmentally responsible bid for the demolition of properties.

Serving a Diverse Clientele

Our breadth of expertise covers a vast range of clientele:

  • Developers: Clearing lots for new construction or redevelopment projects.

  • Homeowners: Assisting in revamping, rebuilding, or removal of outdated structures.

  • Investors: Prepping lands for future ventures.

  • Builders: Making space for new structures.

  • Banks: Clearing foreclosed or obsolete properties.

  • Insurance Companies: Managing demolition after calamities or mishaps.

  • Code Enforcement Offices: Handling properties in violation of safety and building codes.

  • Governmental Entities: Assisting in city planning, redevelopment, or infrastructure projects.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our team, equipped with the latest machinery and knowledge, ensures that every demolition is carried out with precision. Our commitment extends beyond just demolition; we prioritize recycling and responsible waste management, aligning with the best environmental practices.

Let’s Work Together

Ready to bring your plans to fruition? Contact Concrete Works Demolition Services today for a comprehensive consultation and a competitive quotation. With us, you can trust in a hassle-free, efficient, and environmentally responsible demolition process tailored to your needs. Your vision, combined with our expertise, will pave the way for future prospects.


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Concrete Work Projects From our Contractors

Project 1

Expand width of the driveway by 4 feet and lenght for about two cars. 2612 dixie wood

Project 2

replace an 8×30 ft concrete slab for our barn. Slab was poured incorrectly and needs to be replaced.

Project 3

I have a driveway I want poured, pathway, and patio. 

Project 4

replace a 30×30 concrete slab and I need an estimate for replacing the slab plus extending the driveway.

Project 5

I’d like to get 200 sq ft of stamped concrete at my house, please.

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Alongside our hauling services, we offer roll-off dumpsters ranging from 20 to 30 cubic yards in size. We consistently perform on-site pickups for these containers as per the scheduled times.

Our Partners or associated concrete contractor plays a vital role in both small and large construction projects, ensuring the successful completion of concrete works.

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Is Concrete Works is Durable

When you work with our listed experienced concrete contractor. You will receive high-quality, durable results that last for years to come. This low maintenance investment is fit with longevity and extreme weather immunity, making for less repairs and more time enjoying the driveway itself. Our concrete driveways are built to last under excessive forces and weights, meaning you can park as many vehicles as needed onto your driveway without ever having to worry about collapsing.

Does Concrete Works Increases Your Home’s Value

If you’re considering reselling your home, it’s important to increase the resell value in any way possible around Bellaire, TX. A concrete driveway installation is a simple, yet great thing to do when it comes to increasing your home’s value. The cost-effectiveness of the driveway itself will help you make money down the road when you decide to resell.

Is Concrete Works is Affordable

Concrete is one of the most cost-effective materials for driveway installations, and you really get the bang for your buck! With little to no repairs or needed maintenance due to this material’s longevity and durability, you actually save money in the long run

Does the company only work with residential customers?

No, our reliable concrete company also specializes in commercial work.

What services can the company offer me?

Our concrete driveway specialist can provide the following list:

  • Commercial Concrete Work

  • Concrete Driveways

  • Residential Concrete Work

  • Concrete Patios

  • Concrete Sidewalks

Can I get a free estimate?

Yes, of course, although, a word of advice, if you come across anyone looking to charge you a fee, in material of how small, be wary, or, we recommend that you walk away.

How long will my project take?

Our average driveway replacement takes 2-3 days.

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